Image for Amanda Barlow on feeling strong and empowered in the face of adversity

Amanda Barlow on feeling strong and empowered in the face of adversity

11th March 2016

We have just teamed up with organic skincare producer Spiezia, marrying the beauty of herbs through skincare and herbal tea.

Amanda Barlow, the inspirational founder and Managing Director of the organic skincare range, Made for Life by Spiezia Organics, shares her technique for helping to manage the ups and downs of life using ‘Pants of Power’.  

The ‘Pants of Power’ is an expression for a technique that I have used many times.  It was inspired by a conversation with my lovely sister, Kate when we were walking the Cornish coastal path. I was going through an extremely changing time in my life and so I concocted a tool to help me.

The Pants of Power give you the head-space you need to breath and the confidence to be strong during stressful times and brave when you feel nervous.  

When I need the Pants of Power, I follow these simple steps.

1) Step away from the mobile phone.  Switch it off and put it away. Take some deep breaths to recover from the separation.

2) Give yourself some headspace. No social media, emails, computers or phones. Switch off anything that is a distraction.

3) Now get yourself a blank sheet of paper.  Draw a thought bubble in the middle and write down the issue or event you want to deal with.

Now look at it. Ask is that issue a real issue or imagined? Use this time to rein in your thoughts, be energised, calm and focused. How would your superhero deal with the matter?

Now, begin writing around that thought bubble:

  • Write down all the incredible qualities you have along with some you would like to have more of.
  • Write down things that you have achieved in your life. What has made you feel great?
  • Write down the outcome you want from facing the challenge. How will it look and feel?  What will you feel like after you have dealt with it?

4) So you now have your challenge, have a good look at this and allow yourself to really absorb the key words which sum up what you want to achieve and how you will feel. 

5) Now stand up straight with your hands on your hips: close your eyes and imagine that you are about to go into the situation you want to deal with. Really feel and see yourself as that person. 

Imagine you have absolutely donned those pants of power and you are empowered, calm, strong, fair and just.  Feel the smile bubble up and hold on to that feeling.

Now, you are set. You are wearing the pants of power.

My own ‘Pants of Power’ resemble Wonder Woman’s but that is because I was a child of the 1970’s.

Amanda has a wide and varied background. She qualified in Hotel & Catering Management in 1983. Amanda was joint MD of the Budock Vean Hotel in Cornwall from 2000 - October 2012 and was responsible for development and strategy; marketing; PR; HR; spa management and also front of house activity including functions.  She was also strongly involved in the implementation of a sustainable strategy which won many awards. Amanda is the Managing Director of Made for Life by Spiezia Organics Ltd. This 100% organic skincare range was first in the UK to be certified by the Soil Association at 100% across the whole range. Products and spa treatments can be found in top hotels and spas and the focus is now on developing a global strategy with wellbeing at its heart..

Amanda is a Reiki Practitioner and trained as a massage therapist. Trained in Mindfulness in 2012. Experienced in setting up spas including recruitment, and development of spa treatments.

Amanda founded the Made for Life Foundation, registered charity 1138846 which provides an integrative programme for people diagnosed and recovering from cancer and support for their carers. Over 6000 people across the UK have attended Made for Life events since its inception in 2008.