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Do you know what's in the beauty products you use?

3rd September 2015

When you use a beauty product do you ever think about the ingredients in it? Do you know your glycerin from your guar gum? Or your limonene from your linalool? Unless you have a degree in cosmetic science, the chances are you probably don’t so when it comes to buying organic beauty the shopping stakes are even higher.

Organic has become the buzzword in beauty for brands to use, but it doesn’t always stand true. Unlike organic food, there is currently no legal standard in place to protect shoppers against fake organic beauty claims on brands, making this flourishing green market more like the wild west of the beauty aisles.

Go into any beauty store and you can find products claiming to be organic with tiny amounts of organic ingredients and a host of very un-organic matter to boot. To label the whole product as organic when it only contains small quantities of organic materials is misleading to shoppers but it also begs the question, what other less favourable ingredients does that product contain?

Certification with an accredited organisation is the only way to ensure your beauty products are truly organic and contain ingredients that are kinder to your skin. Certifiers work to standards such as COSMOS which provide detailed requirements on ingredients and manufacturing processes, meaning the quality and values that organic embodies are preserved and you can trust that what you are buying is the real deal.

We believe that organic beauty should mean just that; cosmetics and personal care products that comply to strict standards and a certification stamp that gives consumers the confidence to know that what they are buying is truly organic, from the beautiful plants and herbs used in the formulas to the non-organic ingredients that are left out.

This September we are calling on you to join our Campaign for Clarity and show the industry once and for all that greenwashing just won’t wash. As part of Organic Beauty Week, (14-21 September) our certified beauty brands will be offering you the chance to enjoy promotional discounts, take part in competitions and attend show stopping events which will shine the spotlight on organic beauty and reclaim it from the non-organic fakers.

We’ve teamed up with celebrities including Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley aka Hemsley + Hemsley who will be running events throughout September and Organic Beauty Week so go to to find an event near you.


Emma Reinhold, Trade Relations Manager

Emma Reinhold is Trade Relations Manager for health & beauty and textiles at the Soil Association, focusing on the business development, relationship management and marketing of both sectors. She has over a decade of experience in the beauty and fashion industry, most recently working as the editor of a leading international trade beauty publishing group.