3rd November 2016

Not all Vitamin C is created equal

With the colder months and the festive season in full swing our immunity can take a bit of a bashing. With this in mind, it is worth looking at ways to sneak in a little more vitamin C into our diet to bolster our immunity. Our herbal experts have been taking a look at vitamin C benefits and vitamin C sources.

25th August 2016

Say hello to gorgeous skin with super spice

You probably know turmeric for being one of the spices used in Indian and Asian cooking. It adds depth of flavour – and the vibrant yellow-orange colour – to dishes such as curries. But turmeric does much more than make our food taste amazing. It’s actually been used in Indian Ayurvedic medicine for around 4,000 years for its health benefits. So what can this super spice do for you and how can you harness its power?