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Welcome to our second edition of Pukka Planet

1st October 2014

Hello and welcome to our latest edition of Pukka Planet. As ever, we have articles from around the globe – some from Pukka and some from partners and friends. It’s full of colour and we hope you enjoy it.

It’s a time of evolution for Pukka with the launch of our new tea designs and some brand new teas too – Wild Apple with Cinnamon, Chamomile, Vanilla & Manuka HoneyDetox with Lemon and Womankind. We’re switching over as the new teas appear in the shops so keep an eye on the Products section of the site to see when they’re out.

You can find out a little more behind these new designs in the article The Essence of Pukka by Sebastian – he tells us what’s really at the heart of this work and so what’s at the heart of Pukka.

You can read too about the changes we’ve made to the envelopes & packaging in the latest article by Anne Barr – our sustainability manager. It’s one of a series that explains not only what we’re doing and why, but also the impact this makes on our planet. It proves that you can still achieve great things with style and colour.

Of course it also coincides with a time of year that shows nature at its most dramatically, beautiful, colourful best. For anyone lucky enough to have walked around the Westonbirt Aboretum at this time of year, you’ll know what we’re talking about.

And this issue looks at women’s health too – it’s a focus for October and our new tea Womankind is there to celebrate this as well as a whole range of Pukka Organic Wellbeing that is just for women. And on that topic, read Dr Robert Verkerk's latest article on food supplements - the birth of nutraceuticals

Sebastian talks a little about the challenges women’s health faces in this issue and how, through his weekly clinic in Bath he uses the power of organic herbs to achieve harmony and balance for his patients. And for more on how we need to focus on a health service that is natural, why not read this article by one of this edition's guest contributors - the legendary Satish Kumar.

It’s this deep wisdom and knowledge that influences everything we produce here at Pukka. So as we change our Pukka tea wardrobe for a set of new clothes that we hope you find suitably colourful, stylish and above all Pukka, just take a moment to look around you. At the trees as they blaze their autumn colour.

Drink in the majesty of nature at full tilt. It’s a deliciously colourful world out there and you’re part of it. And if you can share pictures of your own autumn colour, then we’d be delighted to feature them on our site – just contact us here and as they get sent we’ll upload them to this issue for you to share with friends as a contributor to Pukka Planet.

Here’s to the full colour of life.

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Fox, Marketing Director

I oversee the way that Pukka communicates with the world – from our packaging to our websites with the help of a truly talented team. I try and make sure we retain a unique voice cloaked in the beauty and elegance most people associate with Pukka. I live on a farm in North Somerset with a range of much-loved animals and my lovely family. One of my greatest pleasures is wandering along the hedgerows and picking all kinds of wild, incredible things to cook, eat or flavour something alcoholic. As marketing director, I'm just here to help connect as many people as possible around the world to the incredible power of organic plants.