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Positive Change is what Pukka Planet is about

23rd June 2014

Campaigns for doing good things

Pukka started out because two people (Sebastian and Tim) believed in a few important things and wanted to help make them happen. Now there’s a whole bunch of us at Pukka – both those of us who work here and those of us who buy Pukka teas and supplements – who believe in the same things. And so we want Pukka Planet to be a place where we can celebrate these aims. So here’s what we’re going to do…

We figured the simplest and best way to do this was to focus on three really simple things – people, plants and the planet. And that whatever we do as Pukka or as individuals should be about doing things for any one of these that make a positive change.

So some of the ways we're helping to support this positive change is by supporting people doing incredible things - like Elsa Hammond who risked her life to row across the Pacific on an amazing adventure. She’s back now but you can find out more about Elsa and her bravery in support of women and the environment in this month's issue of Pukka Planet.

Or they might be smaller things – maybe how just buying a pack of Peppermint & Licorice tea means you’ve donated 20p to help WWF do things in the Himalayas that are so worthwhile. Not only that, but you’ve also bought Fairwild licorice – which is a pretty cool thing – if you go to the Fairwild page, you’ll find out why.

These positive changes are all around us and here at Pukka we want to make them a part of your life too – so we can all feel good about doing good things – whether that’s for ourselves or others. 

And it’s always better to try and do things together - so we’re partnering up with other like-minded organisations - like WWF – and we’ll be jointly focused on how we can make these positive changes for people, plants and the planet.

Over the next few months you’ll see different things you can learn more about, get involved in or just read or watch. We hope you join in and spread the word – because like us, you believe it’s a pukka thing to do.

Happy reading from the Pukka Planet Team



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Fox, Marketing Director

I oversee the way that Pukka communicates with the world – from our packaging to our websites with the help of a truly talented team. I try and make sure we retain a unique voice cloaked in the beauty and elegance most people associate with Pukka. I live on a farm in North Somerset with a range of much-loved animals and my lovely family. One of my greatest pleasures is wandering along the hedgerows and picking all kinds of wild, incredible things to cook, eat or flavour something alcoholic. As marketing director, I'm just here to help connect as many people as possible around the world to the incredible power of organic plants.