Tallulah Rendall

30th March 2015

My name is Tallulah Rendall and I am a singer-songwriter, painter, poet, record label manager, multi-instrumentalist, crowd funder of three independent albums, writer of three books, part time worker at Source Point community acupuncture clinic in Devon and am currently studying to be a Qi Gong teacher with a view to running creative facilitation workshops.

Safe to say I juggle a lot and that my creative ambitions and mission to engage people with their own creativity means I often push myself too far.  Or historically this has been the case.

When I was 14 years old I kissed a very lovely boy and lo and behold the prince became a frog and I caught Glandular Fever. I was prescribed penicillin, which unfortunately I was allergic to. The consequence was a weakened immune system that for the next 15 years meant if you caught a cold I caught full-blown flu and would be bedridden for days.  However, thankfully my mother had an awareness of herbal formulas and was always filling me with wonderful potions, and so regardless of my weakened system my creative ambitions and projects flourished. 

I soon resolved to present my music to the world in the form of books. The first titled LIBELLUS. I would write the stories behind the songs and create pieces of artwork for each song on the album.  The final piece is a beautiful hardback book with the CD inside. 

This concept grew into a desire to collaborate with artists from different mediums and so for my second album ALIVE I reached out into my creative community and collaborated with artists from different mediums: painters, photographers, dancers, jewelers, animators. I gave each one a song and invited them to run wild.  The result was so incredible I decided to film each artist as they created and edited the footage of us recording ‘live’ at Hookend Studios; the result is 22 films! 

However, whilst the body of work was beautiful, the concept of books as a medium for selling music was not something the music industry was at that time in favour of so my only option was to crowdfund my projects.  Now this was at the beginning of the crowdfunding era - no one had ever heard of this way of running a business.  And so began an uphill journey that has become one of my most rewarding experiences and at the same time one of my most challenging.  But three albums in, it has been the most nurturing and significant aspect of my life as an artist and I am deeply thankful for the daily words of encouragement and support that have resulted from crowdfunding both through Pledge Music and more recently independently from my own website.

In 2010 though after a tour promoting ALIVE around Australia, New Zealand and Japan I returned to the UK, broken.  Anemic, exhausted depressed and aware that something had to change, my body could no longer support itself and my creativity was depleting me rather than nurturing me.  I was pushing myself too far. And so I collapsed. 

I looked for help and it was delivered in the form of Source Point Acupuncturist Graeme McCracken, and his knowledge of Qi Gong, Dao Yin and nutrition.  And so began a four-year journey deep into the world of health and learning how to maintain myself in the light of all that I am trying to achieve and invariably lead to less stilettos, red lippy and to meeting Ben Heron. 

Ben had been based in India since 2000 and working with Pukka Herbs as their International Supply Manager.  I was signed to a record label and living in Berlin.  We met briefly for three days at a New Years Gathering before returning to our respective countries.  After three months of Skype chats we resolved to return to the UK and set up life in Bristol, for what was to be the next phase in both our lives. Talk about leap of faith.

For Ben this was to mean the new role of Sustainable Herbs Manager at Pukka for me it was the beginning of my next album project, THE BANSHEE AND THE MOON, another book, another crowd funding project and another album in need of a producer.  This is a story all in itself an one that I don’t have space to write here, but you can read all about it in full in my book which is on my website.

In essence though, the support I received from Graeme led to the regular practicing of Qi Gong and Dao Yin and a change of lifestyle and diet. Then through Ben I was introduced to the Pukka remedies and teas and have since found what works best for me to maintain my health and achieve all that I want without destroying myself. So my daily reality looks like this:

I wake early, practice my Dao Yin, Qi Gong and a short meditation.

Followed by Three Tulsi Tea – I actually drink this non-stop as it really supports my throat and lungs.

Next I have a spoonful of Golden Preserve to support my immune system and because its yummy.

Then I have a smoothie with fruit, almond powder, goat’s yoghurt, Vitalize Powder and Clean Greens Powder.

I drink chicken stock or beef stock throughout the day, which helps to nourish and support my system and energy levels.

After lunch I have Chlorella followed by more Three-Tulsi Tea.

Then at night I have another spoonful of Chyawanprash and a cup of Night Time Tea.

My immune system and energy levels are incomparable to what they once were and now as I prepare for my next mission, a 30 date tour of UK Universities in November 2014, I now know what I need to do to complete it healthily and I am deeply thankful to all those people who have supported me on this journey of awareness.   

I have also just been shortlisted for a Women Of The Future Award in the category of Arts and Culture. WOOHOO!!!

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